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Welcome back to the P2 and P3 students and a new welcome to the new P1 students!  We're glad you're here.


Swipe access – all returning students should still be able to use their I-Cards to swipe into the building, the student lounge, and the locker room.  New P1 students – your access will be forthcoming.  We need to have your information keyed into the Building Access system.  The Wood Street entrance to the College is typically open between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm.


Locker Assignments:

  • Returning students will keep the same lockers they were given last year.  

  • New P1 students will have lockers assigned.  

  • The locker agreement can be printed from the Student Affairs website, signed, and turned in to OSA.  Valentino will then give you your locker number and combination.  Only college-issued combination locks may be used on the lockers.

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