Hispanic/Latinx Pharmacy Student Assocation

HLPSA serves to empower pharmacy students to serve as leaders for the improvement of health among the Hispanic/Latinx communities nationwide. Our missions also include:

- To promote Hispanic/Latinx cultural awareness and sensitivity        within the College of Pharmacy.

- Encourage interested undergraduate students from the Hispanic/Latinx community to pursue a career in pharmacy

- Provide a welcoming environment for all students that are interested in learning about Hispanic/Latinx culture

- Advocate for improvement of health literacy among the Hispanic/Latinx community

President: Marisol Wences

President-Elect: Fernando Vega

Vice President: Emilio De La Rosa Gonzalez

Secretary: Giovanni Baca

Treasurer: David Monzon

Education Chair: Gabriella Vazquez

Webmaster: Jayesh Patel

Fundraising Chair: Alfredo Alvarez

Social Chair: Danielle Vargas

Community Outreach Chair: Timothy Benitez

P1 Liaison: TBD

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Christina Cortez, ccarri1@uic.edu

Dr. Rodrigo Burgos, rburgo1@uic.edu



President Marisol Wences - mwence2@uic.edu