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ONE week prior to the closest HPSC meeting between August and April. Click on the yellow link to download the form.

HPSC meetings are held the last Thursday of every month unless otherwise noted.


Incomplete forms that are received past the listed deadlines WILL NOT be considered.


Who qualifies for a project grant?

Applicants must be currently enrolled, degree-seeking students in a health professions college or recognized health professions student organizations at the University of Illinois. Non-degree students, former students and students enrolled in other colleges at UIC are not eligible. Student organizations of other colleges at UIC are also not eligible.


What types of projects are considered eligible for project grants?

Projects that are funded by project grants include, but are not limited to, health fairs, campus projects and community service projects. Projects MUST be inclusive to students from all the Health Professional Colleges.


Can we get reimbursed for a project that was already held?

No. Funded projects must be at least 1 month away from the HPSC meeting date, NOT the date of proposal submission. We need this time to get the supplies ordered and to work out contractual issues if they exist. All funded purchases will be made by the Dean of Student's Office credit card.

How much is a project grant?

There is no set amount for each project grant. The amount granted is dependent upon the number of applicants and the availability of funds. We have $1500 allocated for the year. 

Is there specific information that needs to be filled out on the application?

You will need to give a synopsis of your event, how it is relevant for all the health professional schools, and how you plan on advertising to the other Health Professional Colleges. You will also need to submit an ITEMIZED list of expenditures, which must be precise and not vague. 

Can there be a limit on how many students attend? 

There can be a limit on how many students attend your event by RSVP; however, the event must be available for students from ALL Health Professional schools to attend.

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