Infectious Disease Student Pharmacist Association (IDSPhA)

The Infectious Disease Student Pharmacist Association (IDSPhA) was created to expand general knowledge of infectious disease pharmacy. We are dedicated to promoting and educating students on the appropriate use of antimicrobial agents and cutting-edge basic and clinical research. Our organization seeks to foster the development of student pharmacists’ clinical skills in caring for patients suffering from infectious diseases. 



Chicago President: Rachel Goldberg

Rockford President: Brooke Williams

Chicago President-Elect: Maddie DiVitorrio

Rockford President-Elect: Sarah Nickels

Vice President: Kelsey LaMartina

Secretary: Alisha Desai

Treasurer: Michelle Jurkovic

Historian: Isabella Ruiz

Antimicrobial Stewardship Chair: Noah Burlison

Chicago Fundraising Chairs: Marianna Silva, Juliann Zhu

Rockford Finance Chair: Chloe Su

Rockford Volunteer Chair: Kevin Castro

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Biagi, Dr. Annette Hays



National Website: