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Every year PharmD students are required to have (according to the Matriculation and Continued Enrollment Policies, ):

  • TB test (2-step or Quantiferon)

  • background check and drug screen

  • proof of current Illinois pharmacy technician license – if you have not turned in your most current one already

These are due by August 1 of every year – NO EXCEPTIONS.  It is recommend that you take care of these things immediately. 


TB Test:

The update to the TB test can be recorded on the immunization form here; Note:  Only the TB Update section and the sign off from a health-care provider need to be completed on the form.


Background Check and Drug Screen:

If you have not completed your background check and drug screen, please be aware that has now transitioned to  The new portal for our required background check and drug screen is as follows.

When you click “Place Order” you will get a “Please Select” menu.  Select the first option:  nv85:  Background Check – Drug Test.


Please return the completed immunization form and tech license information to the persons listed below according to campus.  This information is also located on the immunization form.  Dr. Goliak and Dr. Tenhoeve will receive the drug screen and background check information electronically.  Once you request your background check and have the drug screen done, log back into CastleBranch to make sure they are complete. Periodically there are issues with the drug screen information getting to CastleBranch from the lab.Keep on top of things.


Chicago students:

Jennifer Casamassimo

Department of Pharmacy Practice (MC886)

Room 166F



Rockford students:

Rhonda Larkin

Rockford Regional Campus

Room A314


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