Industry Pharmacists Organization (IPhO)

Pharmacy is an ever-growing career path with outlets that stretch beyond clinical and community settings. IPhO serves to broaden horizons for students at UIC via engagement with pharmaceutical industry. Our chapter, affiliated with a national organization of over 400 active members, is a leader in both membership and activity. Over the last several years, IPhO has engaged students through speakers, discussions, networking events and industry tours. Members can participate in our award winning VIP case competition, Pharma Fair and other unique engagement opportunities. Pharmacists are playing key roles in development, medical and commercial fields that are positively changing the direction of medicine today. IPhO is dedicated to enriching the education provided at UIC through diverse exposure to pharmaceutical industry.


President: Jane Miglo

Vice President: Rich Mckenna

President-Elect (also Dir. National Engagement): Anna Dazy

Dir. of Professional Programming: Megha Verma

Dr. of Social Media & Marketing: Jessica Klier

Dir. of Communication: Justin Chhoeun

Dir. of Finance: Aleece Duffy

Dir. of Fundraising: Dayoung Yi

Dir. of Education: William Van

Co-vice chairs of professional Programming: Reema Patel, Roxan Shoa

Rockford Vice President: Jomar Medina Ortiz

Rockford Communications Chair: Amanda Ruskowsky

Rockford Professional Outreach Chair: Elaina Johnson

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brad Bartels