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Medical Science Liaison Society (MSLS)

We are a student led organization seeking to empower other students to dive into what it means to be a Medical Science Liaison. Our goals are to expose students to the field and help them explore specific areas they might be interested in pursuing. We will provide information about the daily life of an MSL and some helpful steps about what students can do to have a competitive edge.

Officers 2022-2023:

President: Angela Kim
President-Elect: Christine Hong
Senior Vice-President: Khang Nguyen
Vice President of Analytics: Anessa Anand
Vice President of Engagements: Jake Molnar
Secretary/Project Manager: Jean Lee
Director of Finance: Brian Lau
Director of Education: My Patterson
Marketing Lead: Tom Szwajnos
Fundraising Chair: Giancarlo Garcia
Senior Science Writer: Erika Maslennikov
Student Liaison: Zeba Saiyad

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hanakahi, Dr. Gimbar,

Primary Contact: Angela Kim (

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