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Muslim Pharmacy Students Association (MuPhSA)

MuPhSA’s Mission is to foster a supportive community for all UIC Pharmacy Students while advancing the profession of pharmacy by giving back to the local Chicagoland communities and educating about Islamic values. MuPhSA aims to develop its members and the community at large through education, mentoring, charity fundraising, professional development events and community service projects while celebrating the inclusive culture of UIC. 

Our Activities include

  • Raising funds for various charities in the greater Chicagoland area  

  • Organizing professional development events and socials  

  • Participating in health fairs, health screenings, and provide clinical education  

  • Increasing Islamic awareness and understanding of concepts through guest lecturers


Officers 2022-2023:

President: Maha Siddiqui

President Elect: Enas Alamreia

Secretary: Hafsah Nawaz 

Treasurer: Yasmeen Hassoun 

Historian: Hadeel Fouad

Professional Chair: Aiman Naveed; Lara Abudan 

Social Chair: Ruba Alomari; Hidaya Hassan 

Fundraising Chair:  Alia Khan; Seara Edassery 


Faculty advisor: Clara Awe

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Clara Okorie-Awe 

Primary Contact: Samar Ashrafi,


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