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Pharmacy Student Council (PSC)

The UIC College of Pharmacy – Pharmacy Student Council serves as the umbrella organization that links the organizations registered within the College of Pharmacy. The purpose of the council is to provide student representation on various issues that affect our college, facilitate decision making between the student pharmacy organizations, and serve as a bridge for students, faculty, administration, and other UIC professional colleges. Among the activities that PSC conducts are the Welcome Week events (PharmAid, Back-To-School BBQ, UI Health Mixer, Organization Day), the Dean’s Forum, Rockford-Chicago Interrelations events, and much more. If you are interested in student government, contact us!

Officers 2022-2023:

President (Chicago): Celeste Guzman
President (Rockford): Sam Koziol
President-elect (Chicago): Gabo Acevedo
President-elect (Rockford): Mickey Lang
Vice-President: Nina Puccinelli
Secretary: Yasmeen Hassoun
Treasurer: Sara Ganas
Webmaster: Angel Posadas
HPSC Representative: Serena In
HPSC Representative: Bryan Lee
UIC Senator: Jake Molnar
UIC Senator: Jenny Morrow
CAC: Gabriel Tankersley
CAC: Chris Korfiatis
CAC: Layth Qassem
EPC: Samantha Kueter
EPC: Waad Osman
EPC: Tanner Lowe
EPC: Samantha Koziol
EPC: Mezhgan Aslamy
SIC: Anna Dazy
SIC: Jade De Vera
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tara Driscoll
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Allison Schriever

Please email Celeste or Yasmeen with any questions about PSC: ,

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