Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)

SNPhA is an educational service association of pharmacy students who are concerned about the profession of pharmacy, healthcare issues, and the poor minority represention in these areas. The purpose of SNPhA is to plan, organize, coordinate, and execute programs geared toward the improvement of the health, educational, and social environment of minority communities.


President (Chicago): Abby Greenwood

President (Rockford): Radhika Patel

President Elect (Chicago): Neera Kadiyala 

President Elect (Rockford):  Tehut Zewdu 

Vice President: Cayley Krkljes 

Secretary: Waad Osman

Treasurer (Chicago): Vallari Shah 

Professional Chair:  Trushna Gandhi 

Fundraising Chair (Chicago):  Kamilah James 

Social Chair: Sylvia Karpio

Historian/Webmaster: Eden Gebre

CKD Chair: Gi Ppeum Joyce Yeo

Diabetes Chair: Ashley Choi 

HIV/AIDS Chair: Murrah Sabouni

Power to End Stroke Chair: Olamide Adebogun 

Immunization Chair: Dominika Kulka 

Mental Health Initiatives Chair (Chicago): Juliann Zhu

Mental Health Initiatives Chair (Rockford): Pei-Ting Huang 

Legislative Chair: Niam Vora 

Alumni Liaison: Adnan Patel      

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Younge (C),