Ventra U-Pass 


The CTA wants to provide you with important information about your Ventra U-Pass and how it works.


If you require assistance, please contact Ventra Customer Service or by calling 877-669-8368.


Use the same U-Pass card for up to five years:

Your U-Pass is good for up to five years and automatically reactivates when your next full-time school term begins. If you need to replace your card, the replacement fee is $50 so don’t forget to bring your U-Pass back to school with you.  Should you experience any issue with your U-Pass, please contact your school’s U-Pass administrator to make sure you are properly registered as a full-time student.


Don’t allow anyone to use your U-Pass:

Only you are authorized to use your U-Pass. If your U-Pass is misused or presented for transportation by any person other than yourself, it will be confiscated by CTA, suspended for a full calendar year, and the authorized user may be subject to criminal prosecution.


Riding when school is out of session:

One of the conveniences of Ventra is that you may continue to use the same U-Pass card when school is out of session. This replaces the need to use a separate fare card when school is not in session.  Between school terms, your U-Pass card will function as  a normal fare card and you will be charged full fares for your rides during school breaks.  In order to use it, you must add funds to your account..  More information about how U-Pass functions when school is not in session is available


Check your balance:

Please note your transit account must be in good standing prior to your next qualifying term for U-Pass privileges to be active. You can check your U-Pass Account status by logging into

If you have a negative balance at the start of or during the semester, your U-Pass unlimited riding privileges will be suspended. You must pay off this balance to restart the unlimited riding privileges on your U-Pass.


Adding Transit Value:

It’s easy and convenient to add money to your Ventra card. You can add funds or load an unlimited-ride 1-day, 3-day, 7-day or 30-day pass online if you have a registered transit account; at any Ventra Vending Machine located at CTA rail stations and at hundreds of participating retail locations – visit to find a location near you.


Adding value to your account for friends and family:

You can use your U-Pass to pay for friends and family on CTA and Pace in addition to receiving your unlimited rides as part of your school enrollment. Your U-Pass card gives you the ability to load additional transit value onto the same card that can be used to pay for other riders. Important: You must add value to your transit account in order to pay for other riders, since no one other than you is qualified to receive unlimited U-Pass rides as part of your enrollment.

When travelling with others, your first tap will be applied toward your U-Pass. Any subsequent taps will be deducted from regular transit value on your U-Pass. If there are not enough funds in the transit account, your account balance will go negative, resulting in the suspension of your U-Pass unlimited riding privilege.

Again, your U-Pass unlimited free riding privileges are only intended for you because of your student status.