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Community Drug Education Committee (CDEC)

Community Drug Education Committee (CDEC) is a group of pharmacy students that organizes events that educate the community on various health topics relevant to them, including general health, disease prevention, basic hygiene, nutrition, sexual education, drug abuse, and many more topics. We have visited many local schools and community centers in the past. If you would like to improve your public speaking abilities, become more involved in the community, and find a genuine fulfillment in inspiring others, then please join our organization. We welcome everyone!​

Officers (2023-2024):

President: Jasmine, Duarte
President-Elect: Jordan, Montgomery
Vice President: Arminda, Cako

P1 Liaison: Grace Verbeck
Site Coordinators: Maria Hajiharis, Nishita Gandhi, Grace McGee

Treasurer: Mathula, Kajavathanan
Secretary: Lexi, Terris
Collaborative Projects Chair: Joshua, Sanchez
Fundraising Chair: Theresa, Para

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Jewel Younge
Dr. Faria Munir



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