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  1. Join a club. Any Club.

  2. Attend/help with legislative day

  3. Write a letter to your legislator

  4. Attend the back to school event

  5. Attend a spring fling event

  6. Complete each of the 4 Phlames domains when it is not required

  7. Attend Fast-A-Thon

  8. Attend/participate in the Culture Show

  9. Join an intramural team

  10. Attend a Rho Chi Tutoring session

  11. Find your perfect study spot at UIC

  12. Befriend an underclassman pharmacy student

  13. Show your pharmacy pride and wear UIC merchandise

  14. Tell a professor “Thank You”

  15. Do a competition (P&T, Clinical, Business Plan)

  16. Hang out with Pharm friends outside of classes

  17. Vote in your class elections

  18. Get to know someone from the other campus

  19. Donate or volunteer for a blood drive

  20. Attend an extracurricular event outside of the UIC COP

  21.  Find a new hobby

  22. Rediscover an old hobby you haven't done in a while

  23. Participate in a health fair

  24. Attend a club meeting which you are not a member

  25. Take time to sit down in a garden and do nothing/Have a picnic

  26. Visit a faculty member during office hours

  27. Attend Org Day at the beginning of the school year. Bonus points if you visit all the informational tables.

  28. Shake hands with the Dean

  29. Go to Student Center West (for anything)

  30. Have lunch on a bench on West Campus

  31. Participate in Spirit day

  32. Apply for scholarships and awards

  33.  Apply for an internship or job

  34. Find out about Greek Life and decide if it’s for you

  35. Do a pharmacy school/OSA photo op

  36. Make friends with people in the other professional school

  37. Befriend a pharmacy student from another school

  38. Say hi to the students on a pharmacy tour

  39. Volunteer or Walk/run in a 5k

  40. Write a thank-you note to your best friend

  41. Participate in a letter to your future self. Bonus points if you do a time capsule!

  42. Get certified in something additional to Health Fair abilities

  43. Attend a seminar you do not know much about

  44. Attend an Alumni & Student Social

  45. Ask a question when you don’t know the answer

  46. Present or attend at a local, regional or national conference

  47. Attend or participate in Research Day

  48. Introduce yourself to a guest speaker

  49. Survive

  50. Graduate


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