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Drug Information Association (DIA)

Our local chapter strives to foster innovation to improve health and well-being by:

  • Providing a neutral environment to exchange and discuss current issues related to healthcare products, technologies, and services;

  • Delivering customized learning experiences by bringing in unique speakers and events;

  • Building, maintaining, and facilitating trusted relationships with individuals and organizations that drive and share DIA values and mandates; and

  • Increasing communication among a variety of health care professions.

Officers 2023-2024

President: Elma Abdulbaki
Vice President: Kiran Pentela
President-Elect: Akrum Elshazali

P1 Liaison: Abdalla Ali
Co-Director of Publications and Content Development: Karol Suarez
Co-Director of Publications and Content Development: Jacob Molnar
Director of Finance: Emanual Reyes-Valiente
Director of Fundraising: Amna Judah
Co-Director of Professional Affairs: Ahmed Gharib
Co-Director of Professional Affairs: Michael Kaunas
Director of Communications: Adam Sulh
Director of Marketing: Hillary Nguyen
Director of Education: Moe Abdallah
National President: Niam Vora

President: Brandon, Hansknecht
President-Elect: Iveta, Totoryte
Vice President: Tori, Bedows

P1 Liaison: Maureen Mccoy
Treasurer: Ricardo, Sanabria

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Katherine Sarna

Primary Contact:

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