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Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA)

The Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA) is an international, nonprofit, professional association representing the interests of pediatric pharmacists and their patients through C.A.R.E. The goal of PPA is to provide future pharmacists knowledge on the latest in pediatric pharmacy, promoting safe and effective medication use, so that students may advance in training and skills as future pediatric pharmacists

PPA Officers 2022-2023


Rockford campus
President: Humaira Alam
President-Elect: Bintou Timbine
Vice President: Jade De Vera
Secretary: Yu-Jean Park
Treasurer: Tina Sanders

Chicago campus
President: Kara Brown
President-Elect: Hannah Nielsen
Vice President: Estel Lee
Secretary: Marta Ciolkowska
Treasurer: Heather Lee
Pediatric Education Chair: Mariem Abdelrahim

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Tran Pham
Primary Contact:
National Website:

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