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Student Society of Veterinary Pharmacists (SSVP)

SSVP is here to show future pharmacists that our expertise can extend beyond humanity to help those that cannot help themselves. Veterinary Pharmacy is a fast-growing field; one that SSVP endeavors to bring influence to UIC. SSVP aims to enhance the interests and the integration of veterinary pharmacy by promoting education and engaging in activities relating to the topic. SSVP, in addition to hosting guest speakers and seminars regarding a wide range of topics in veterinary pharmacy, provides excellent opportunities to get directly involved with animals and veterinary pharmacy practice. Come join us if you find you are passionate about animals and want to learn more about how you can help!


Officers 2023-2024:

President: Naishalee, Pineiro 
Vice-President: Hillary, Debs
Secretary: Jennifer, Truong 
Treasurer: Zuzanna, Strapoc
Fundraising Chair: Denise, Colbrook 
Education Chair: Beija, Teolis 
Historian: Austin, Debs
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bradley Bartels


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bradley Bartels,

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