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Student Association of Specialty Pharmacy (SASP)

The Student Association of Specialty Pharmacy is the student division of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy, which was created to invest in the future of specialty pharmacy practice by promoting student engagement in specialty pharmacy through education, professional development, and networking with members and affiliated partners of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy. SASP strives to educate students about career paths within the field of specialty pharmacy, and increase student awareness of current issues and topics of interest in the specialty pharmacy field through guest speakers and student engagement projects.

Officers 2023-2024:

President: Lauren Moy
Vice President: Carlos Soto
President-Elect: Isabel Xiao

​P1 Liaison: Kami Mladenova
Secretary: Brian Hua
Treasurer: Leah Song
Director of Fundraising: Sophie Hallyyeva
Social Media and Marketing Committee Chair: Samantha Kueter
Professional Development Committee Chair: Lexi Goggin
Community Engagement Committee Chair: Charles Balisalisa

Contact: Lauren Moy

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