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American Association of Psychiatric Pharmacists (AAPP)

AAPP aims to educate student pharmacists about career opportunities in psychiatric and neurologic pharmacy and to empower students to become advocates for individuals with mental illness so that we may foster the development of a stigma-free practice. By understanding mental illness and neurological disorders are possessing the same level of severity and significance as physical health issues, we can change the way these disorders are perceived in the field of pharmacy and across the entire spectrum of healthcare.

Officers 2023-2024:

President: Nguyen, Lilly

President-Elect: Kolagani, Ramya

P1 Liaison: Marina Gianos

Secretary: Yeung, Phoenix

Treasurer/Fundraising Chair: Mensah, Jazmine

Historian: Hua, Brian

Faculty Advisor: Hamidovic, Ajna

Contact: Lilly Nguyen

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