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516 IPPE Rotation at Mile Square Center with Dr. McQuade: Insights and Reflections

Written and edited by: Angel Posadas, PharmD Candidate 2025


Interviewer: Could you tell us about your choice of rotation site and preceptor?


Angel: I chose Dr. Brianna McQuade at UI Health Miles Square Center for my 516 Ambulatory Care IPPE rotation. She coordinated the Mindfulness elective, which resonated with me because who doesn’t want a mindful preceptor?


Interviewer: Can you walk us through a typical day during your rotation?


Angel: A typical day involved participating in patient rounds, where I sat in the physician precepting room and provided drug therapy recommendations to family medicine physician residents. I also did med recs and histories with patients when Dr. McQuade or I felt was necessary to do them. Additionally, I had weekly assignments such as topic discussions or patient case presentations, and I worked up two patients every week.


Interviewer: What were the most valuable lessons or skills you gained during this rotation?


Angel: I learned essential skills in interacting with physicians and gained exposure to various disease states, given the nature of family medicine. During this rotation, I had the opportunity to improve my SOAP note writing skills and observe the clinical practices of various healthcare professionals. Notably, I shadowed Dr. Smith-Marsh at the diabetes clinic of Miles Square, as well as advanced practice registered nurses specializing in behavioral health.


Interviewer: Could you share a memorable patient interaction or case study?


Angel: One memorable experience was shadowing a behavioral health APRN, witnessing her remarkable connection with patients and the impact of her clinical skills. She gave me a brief overview of psychiatric drugs and how they are used in clinical practice. During shadowing her telehealth appointments, I was deeply moved by the empathetic and motivational manner in which she engaged with her patients. Her approach was profoundly inspiring; it almost made me shed a few tears of emotion.


Interviewer: How did this rotation influence your career aspirations or areas of interest within pharmacy?


Angel: I think you have to be a very passionate and committed person to direct patient care to enjoy practicing in an ambulatory care setting. If you are this person; Kudos to you! Direct patient care is very important and we definitely need pharmacists in the forefront, however this experience and others made me realize my strengths lie more in projects and patient advocacy at a broader level.


Interviewer: Is there anything else you'd like to share about this rotation?


Angel: Dr. McQuade is an exceptional preceptor, she makes a very concerted effort to teach and for you to learn. Her dedication to student growth is commendable.


Interviewer: Rate this rotation from 1-5 (1 being the easiest class ever, 5 to being the most difficult class you've taken at COP

Angel: 5, but I grew the most and learned the most in this IPPE compared to previous IPPEs.

Interviewer: Can students contact you for more information about this site?

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