Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP)

AMCP aims to empower our members to serve society by using sound medication principle and strategies to achieve positive outcomes; improving quality of life through appropriate and accessible medication use.


Our mission is to promote the development and application of pharmaceutical care in order to ensure appropriate health care outcomes for all individuals. Our organization represents the views and interests of managed care pharmacy. We also promote education and the practice of managed care in the College of Pharmacy by providing networking opportunities for our members.


President: Sabine Puglia 

President-Elect: Alexa Abrenilla

Vice-President: Matt Odishoo

Treasurer: Drew Saunders 

Secretary: Saniya Zafar

Director of Special Projects: Emily Tran

Director of Education: Ivet Kostadinova

Director of Alumni Affairs: Vinura Withanawasam

Director of Membership: Eunice Kim

Rockford Coordinator: Ifeoma Njubigbo

Director of Communications (R): Elaina Johnson

P1 Liaison (Chicago): TBD

P1 Liaison (Rockford): TBD

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Margaret Hae Young Byun