Asian Pharmacists Association (APA)

The Asian Pharmacists Association (APA) was founded in 1991 with the goal of bringing together pharmacy students of various cultures and backgrounds while promoting Asian culture awareness. APA strives to provide health services to local neighborhoods with the emphasis in serving Asian communities. Our health services in the community include providing blood glucose, blood pressure, and BMI screenings for our patient population during our MAHA Clinic events and our health fairs. We strive to be a positive presence in the general public and healthcare community and everyone is welcome to join our wonderful organization regardless of race. 


President: Jessica Phung

Vice President: Chihyi Lee

Professional Chair: Eunice Kim

Hepatitis Chair: Kaili Zeng

Treasurer: Minyoung Chang

Secretary: Christine Pham

Membership Chair: Yvonne Yen

Social Chair: Sarah Suk

Webmaster: Michael Wong

Fundraising Chair: Justin Han

P1 Liaison: TBD

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Juliana Chan