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Asian Pharmacists Association (APA)

The Asian Pharmacists Association (APA) was founded in 1991 with the goal of bringing together pharmacy students of various cultures and backgrounds while promoting awareness of Asian culture and assisting in student professional development. APA strives to impact their local Asian communities through providing health services, including blood glucose, blood pressure, and BMI screenings during MAHA Clinic events and health fairs. Additionally, APA extends its reach to the APIDA undergraduate population at UIC, volunteering as mentors and serving as role models for future professionals. We strive to be present and welcome all, regardless of race, to learn about Asian culture, to develop themselves, and to make a positive impact on the surrounding community.​

Officers 2022-2023

President: Justin Chhoeun
Vice President: Melody Suh
Professional Chair: Sean Martin
Secretarian: Amy Le Nguyen
Treasurer: Leah Song
Hepatitis Chair: Chloe An
Fundraising Chair: Vanessa Chan
Membership Chair: Cat Le
Social Chair: Om Permsukkunakorn
Webmaster: Sam Yeo
Rockford Liaison: Bryan Lee

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Juliana Chan




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